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Natural Disasters…when will we stop and realize they are Warnings from Allah/God

Everyday we read the news, there is always some natural disaster OR terrible negative news about violence,anarchy…happening around the World. Sometimes we become so used to hearing of this happening off shore from us in South Africa, living in false belief that we are safe! Well all that has changed many South Africans views, at least I pray so, because just this last week that passed, we have had our share of such Natural Disaster albeit on a “Low Scale”

South Africa….Africa as a whole, “Where the Sun never Sets” kind of place, where the Earth is Baked hard by the magnificent African Sun, we are so blessed to have so much beauty, if only we took the time to appreciate it.

Here in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have been having almost un-natural weather patterns for this time of year, yes scientists can argue with that, saying it is summer with temperatures expecting to reach in upper 30 degrees Celsius range, BUT to us ordinary people on the street, and our older generation, who have lived through many such African Summers, we can vouch for the definite weather change. Where Johannesburg weather during summers were hot but never that unbearable and humid. The passed few weeks we had been experiencing just that type of weather, praying for relief from the heat.

For those that know. Johannesburg, in summer it’s almost certain to get dramatic late afternoon thunderstorms, with huge flashes of lightning streaking across the horizon, deafening thunder rolling right above your head, and rains that come down furiously, it is a awe inspiring spectacle to watch because it is mostly short lived

But what Allah/God had planned for this last week, nobody could have predicted!!! We always hear of the devastating natural disasters in other parts of the World, most recent the Phillipines, and here in Johannesburg, more particularly on the East Rand, we got to taste just a small piece of what Allah/Gods’ fury is capable of. Going about a normal days routine, that frightful late afternoon, yes the normal rain clouds had gathered, but what ensured a few minutes later, had left people in our area in shock. When the skies finally couldn’t hold anymore of its weight, there ponding down upon us was hailstones, yes we do get hail in Johannesburg, usually on the smallish side, but that particular afternoon, they were the size of “GOLF BALLS” ….it pounded down on us for approximately 10-15 minutes ,followed immediately by almost torrential rains, leaving me, and I’m sure many others, who just had to sit helplessly in their vehicles, stiff and scared to death, waiting for it to pass.



We had many homes damaged, flooding in parts of homes with windows and roof tiles smashed with the falling “golf balls” , cars with windows shattered to bits and dents on so many vehicles, that definitely had the Insurance companies on their toes. But through this all, I for one had been shocked by the intensity of the storm, and being the Islamic New Year, we believe that the World would come to an end around the 10th of Muharram (1st islamic Month); i stand to be corrected here; and during this week of the storm, that particular day was just 2 days away!!!! Reeling from shock, with all this, rightfully so, playing in my head, I couldn’t help but STOP and REFLECT on the afternoons happenings. Storms are becoming more monstrous these days, with yet another huge one slamming us at around 2am just this morning, thunder, lightning and heavy rains again left me wide eyed for most of the morning.

We as Humans, I won’t just generalize on Muslims alone, tend to take life for granted. All the while being so ungrateful for even the smallest of blessings Allah/God has bestowed upon us. Take a good look around you, you may ,like myself, offer your daily prayers, lead a life trying to please Allah/God and would wonder but WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US??? . Have we taken a look at ourselves and those close to us, our attitudes, our behavior, our dress sense these days???? These are all but just signs from Allah/God trying to make us aware that all is not right in this World, it is for us, Allah/Gods’ most superior of creations, to STOP and realize we need to make a change in ourselves 1st and foremost , get back on the straight path, repent continuously, give thanks to your Creator. Where is that “Fright” in your heart about when you will have to face your creator, OH YES, we all will face that day, gauranteed!!!

Take a look at a few more pics from a friend in Cape Town, who also experienced what Allah /God is most capable of doing(happened just the same weekend as my experience), this all happened very ” quickly and quietly” – Jo Hagar ; and not forgetting the “big guy” tremor Johannesburg experienced just this Monday…do you still NOT believe that Allah/God just has to command “BE and IT IS ” … About time we all take time out to reflect before it’s too late.






**SPECIAL thanks to the HAGAR FAMILY for the use of the Last 5 photograghs featured**

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