Book Review :- The Debutante by Kathleen Tessaro

Book Description (as per Goodreads)

Cate, an exile from New York, is sent to help value the contents of a once-grand house on the south-west coast of England. Cataloguing its contents, she uncovers details of two of the most famous debutantes of their generation. The tale that unfolds is one of dark, addictive love, leading Cate to face up to secrets of her own. 


This is the 1st time I’ve read a Kathleen Tessaro novel. I picked this up at below cost, at the Exclusive Books Yearly Warehouse sale (2014), here in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. This is one sale most booklovers just can’t miss.👍


The story line takes you between a Historical pasts, Romance and Mystery. It is about the 2 Blythe sisters, Irene and Diana (Baby), who had been two of the most famous debutantes of their generation.
Years later, with no sign of Diana, the suspicion about what happened to her, and with the death of her sister, the once old Gregorian house, Endsleigh House, now brings together two strangers, Cate (Katie) and Jack, each having their own secrets to battle through. Their work to Catalogue the contents at Endsleigh House, leads to Cate discovering a Shoebox hidden behind a bookshelf, with a pair of dancing shoes from 1930, a Tiffany Bracelet and a Photograph.

Cate makes it her mission, while trying to face her own turmoils, to solve the Mystery of these items, all of which leads to the Blythe sisters history. The story that unfolds, partly through Letters written by Baby Blythe, is one of Love, Secrets and Mysteries.
It’s a really good story line overall, enough to keep you turning the pages to find out what’s going to unfold next.

My personal favourite Message that I take away from this read would be this particular conversation between Jack and Cates’ Aunt, Rachel. It is relevant to everyday issues, big or small, and the idea of Forgiving. So without giving away too much more of the story, allow me to leave you with this quote from the book.

HOPE you do give this book a read, and leave me a note here when you do☺. Happy Reading
Foodeva Marsay Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“We Forgive not because it’s easy, but that the choice to forgive is in itself powerful. It’s an affirmation, a willingness to take life on life’s terms. And a privilege that no one can take from you. ……… The more you try to hold it at arm’s length, to be rid of it, the more poisonous it becomes. And what you really holding at arm’s length is LIFE….” ~ from The Debutante by Kathleen Tessaro~

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