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Peppermint Tart Fridge Dessert

Now you have to have a willpower of steel to be able to resist my Peppermint Tart Fridge Dessert….I know I don’t?. Easy and Quick to Prepare ahead, Dessert time will be Hit at your next entertaining venture.

This is one of my Favourite Desserts and rather easy to prepare, I had completely forgotten to have this blogged, And thanks to Sameera Mahomed and the rest of the lovelies on my Facebook, who made me realise I hadn’t posted this one. Thank YOU lovelies for the heads-up, This one is for you all?.

Happy Peppermint Dessert Making

?Foodeva Marsay?

Peppermint Tart Fridge Dessert

Author : Foodeva Marsay


Ingredients and Instructions
500ml Fresh Cream
1/2 Cup Caramel Treat
2 Tblsp Castor Sugar
~whip cream,gradually adding the sugar
~stir through the caramel treat to remove lumps, before gently folding into the whipped cream
~flavour the cream/caramel mix with 1-2 drops of Peppermint Essence (shhhh, It’s a Foodeva Marsay Secret?)
1 – 2 packets Tennis Biscuit (this is a coconut variety biscuit)
Slab of any mint chocolate (Peppermint Crisp/Mint Crisp/AeroMint)
All that’s left to do is layer.
~in a greased casserole dish, start off by layering the 1st row of Tennis Biscuits
~follow with a layer of cream/caramel mix
~top with some Grated Mint Chocolate
~keep at the layering until you end with a layer of Cream /Caramel mix right at the top.
~decorate as desired and finish off with a grating of Mint Chocolate.
~refrigerate overnight until set.
~top with fresh mint leaves just before serving.
ENJOY!!! (Foodeva Marsay/Marriam S)

* I Have used 1/2 can Caramel Treat with success many a times, This recipe also works well with a regular Lotus Biscoff.
*  The longer the dessert sets in refrigerator the better it tastes ?
* Works well either Set into a large casserole OR in single servings.
* With Single serving options and the smaller shot glass Servings (as in pic further below), I have crushed the Tennis Biscuits before layering  as above.


My Favourite Peppermint Tart Fridge Dessert

My Favourite Peppermint Tart Fridge Dessert


Below, are just 2 very old pics, worth sharing in order to give an idea, how else this dessert can be served.


Layered whole biscuits and dessert toppings into a casserole.




I served these once, in a sot glass. Biscuits had been crushed to add the layers.


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