Chicken Chow Mein

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So to those wondering since my post on Easy Lamb Curry“So Marsay, if you don’t eat curry, what did you have at the lunch?” . Well suspense is over my friends, Chow Mein it was??.

Chicken Chow Mein it was!!
Chicken Chow Mein it was!!

When I am having guests over, I do usually prefer to make two main dishes for a meal, especially if I am not familiar with their taste preferences. On that lovely afternoon, both the Indian and Chinese dishes were a hit, what more can a host ask for than a happy and satisfied guest.

Now Did You Know …CHOW MEIN is Fried Noodles ??? Have a look at a brief explanation below, with Special Thanks to Google and Wikipedia, What would we do without these two hey?.

” The word means ‘fried noodles’, chow meaning ‘fried’ and mein meaning ‘noodles’. The pronunciation chow mein is an English corruption of the Taishanese pronunciation chāu-mèing. The lightly pronounced Taishanese [ŋ], resembling the end of a Portuguese nasal vowel, was taken to be /n/ by English speakers.[citation needed] The Taishan dialect was spoken by migrants to America from Taishan.” ~Sourced Wikipedia~

Chow Mein is the only Chinese type of dish I really enjoy.  So this dish would feature once a month somewhere on my meal menus. These flavours from a faraway, mystical land has  proven to be quite popular in many Chinese and Indian restaurant menus back home in South Africa.  How popular is this dish in your part of the World, do let me know??.

So here is my version of this dish, hoping you all do give it a try and as always feedback is most definitely appreciated.

Get Your Woks Ready…and Stir Fry

?Foodeva Marsay?

Chicken Chow Mein

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: moderate
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Author : Foodeva Marsay


1 kg Chicken fillets, cut into strips
1 Large onion, chopped
1 teaspoon Ginger/Garlic paste
1/2 teaspoon ground green chillies(optional)
1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder
1 teaspoon Chillie powder
1 teaspoon  Cumin powder
1 teaspoon salt/or to taste
3 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce (plus excess for tossing stage)
3 Tablespoons White Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Sugar
A Pinch of Egg Yellow Food Colouring
1 Cup Julienned Carrots(I use the ready bought julienne carrots)
1 Cup Tri-Coloured Julienned Peppers
Spring Onions/Parsley for garnishing
250g Spaghetti


? Marinate the chicken fillets in all the spices,sugar,vinegar,colour and Worcestershire Sauce for 30 minutes

? Prepare Spaghetti according to pack instructions

? Heat a little olive oil and add Onions

? Sauté until light brown in colour

? Add chicken to the onions and cook over low heat together with 1/4 cup water until water burns out.

? Stir Fry the vegetables in a little oil/butter (I season them lightly while stir-frying)

? Now add this to chicken, followed by the boiled spaghetti

? Gently toss together well

? For a more Authentic darker look to the dish, I sprinkle in more Worcestershire Sauce on at this stage.(as little or much as you prefer)

? Chicken Chow Mein is ready to be served garnished with chopped spring onions/parsley.
ENJOY!!!(Foodeva Marsay)

Chicken Chow Mein Served
Chicken Chow Mein Served


* Personal Notes from Foodeva Marsay *

?I usually Break the batch of Spaghetti halfway down its length, makes a little go a long way (shhhh…it’s our little secret?), Do not add all of the Spaghetti during the tossing stage, we want a good balance of chicken-vegetables-pasta/noodles.  Excess boiled spaghetti freezes well in a zip-lock freezer bag.

?Try adding 1 Cup of shredded Cabbage and/brocolli/baby corns during the Stir Fry point in recipe, Remember these are just optional, The recipe is just perfect without it too.

?Try Shredding/Grating your carrots if you have younger kids.

?Soy Sauce/Oyster Sauce/Fish sauce may be used instead of the Worcestershire Sauce.

?Why not give Beef/Prawns a try if Chicken is not what you prefer.

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  1. Lovely recipe Marsay. Just back from drooling at chow mein at a local fair. Since I had already ordered chicken kebabs I couldn’t help giving them a miss because they wouldn’t make an ideal combination. Thank you for the recipe and for sharing the information.

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