Book Review – The Blue Between Sky and Water by Susan Abulhawa

The Blue Between Sky and Water
by Susan Abulhawa


There was no better time for me to have read this marvellous novel, The Blue Between Sky and Water by Susan Abulhawa, in which there is special mention of South Africa, mainly in the form of one of its characters later in the story, named Nzinga. Afterall, The month of August was marked as “Women’s Month” in South Africa, with the 9th of August being National Women’s Day. A month showcasing the many strong women that have been stalwarts in our country and the new generations of strong women South Africa has.

In this novel, Susan Abulhawa expertly brings forth the real struggle the people of Palestine had to, and sadly do still endure. A story evolving around Strong Women and Family. She begins by showing us an idyllic start to life back in 1947, in Beit Daras, a Rural Palestinian Village, which had been home to the Baraka Family. All is picture perfect in the lives of Nazmiyeh, who is the brilliantly portrayed as a matriarch in this family, her brother Mamdouh who helps the village bee keeper to tend to bees and of their sweet little sister Mariam, who spends most of her days trying to learn to read and write, all whilst she talks to imaginary friends.

Their once idyllic life is shattered and destroyed on the day of Nakba, when the Israeli forces, ruthlessly descends upon their village, leaving the family and the rest of the villagers to flee to Gaza.

The story then progresses, with some horrifying acts, such as rape and child molestation, which some readers may find difficult to read. We then follow the family through four generations, as they all suffer the struggles and humiliation of exile.

This novel has lots of heartbreak and sacrifice, but the author still manages to add some moments of hilarity which lifts the mood as you read. I have yet to read Susan Abulhawa’s 1st book, Mornings in Jenin, but this is one Book by her I would highly recommend to my readers. An Unforgettably powerful novel, passionately written, that left me reeling from a mix of emotions.

The book cover is stunning, there is just something about pictures that speak a thousand words, don’t you think.

Soothing Colours of Blue on the book cover?... "The Blue Between Sky and Water"
Soothing Colours of Blue on the book cover?… “The Blue Between Sky and Water”

The Blue Between Sky and Water is a must read, and gets Foodeva Marsay rating of

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 stars)


So while You head off to purchase this novel, allow me to leave you with this poem, that surfaces throughout the book…

“ O Find Me
I’ll be in that Blue
Between Sky and Water
Where all time is Now
And we are the Forever
Flowing like a River”

~ The Blue Between Sky and Water by Susan Abulhawa~




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