Basking Nile Crocodiles

Heya Lovelies…It has been a while since I Shared a Photograph of one of my passions >>Wildlife<<. So allow me to treat you to a few pics of Basking Nile Crocodiles, photographed in the Kruger National Park, South Africa during a quick weekend away during August 2016.

Basking in the glorious African Sunshine, Kruger National Park, August 2016

While you enjoy these pics, Here are a few Interesting Crocodile facts worth a read…


LATIN NAME : Crocodylus niloticus

~They are famous for being the World’s Largest Living reptiles, and can live between 70-100 years.

~ They can weigh anywhere between  225-750kg, and grow to a length of about 2.4m – 5.5m.

~ They are Carnivores, so their diet includes insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals

~ In Kruger National Park – These Crocodiles are the biggest predator of the national park’s waterways.

~ The Nile Crocodiles found in Kruger National Park, is the largest species in Africa and the 2nd largest in the World. 

A toothy grin??? Headshot of a Nile Crocodile in Kruger national park, August 2016

So the next time you driving around in Kruger National Park, keep an eye out for these Prehistoric Animals, which can be found in the Parks Lakes, Dams and Rivers.  What may at first seem like just another Log along the river banks, May just turn out to be these Scaly Giants of the Waters.

Motionless, These Nile Crocodiles can be mistaken for an old log. (Kruger National Park, August 2016)


Stop and Scan the Waters, you may just sight a Nile Crocodile. (Kruger National Park, 2016)



If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine. ~Morris West~

So Be like the Nile Crocodile, and go out , BASK AND ENJOY YOUR SUNSHINE!!!

I do Hope you enjoyed this post, until another Nature/Wildlife Focused Post



Have you seen these Scaly Giants in Nature? Drop me a comment and let me know…


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