Quick and Easy Pistachio Burfee

Silky smooth, with an almost satiny finish, this Quick and Easy Pistachio Burfee recipe is most definitely one for your books.  

BURFEE….Who doesn’t LOVE this Sweetmeat??? I know it’s always been my absolute favourite among the sweet treats during Eid’s or a special occasion.  This should be the KING of Sweets among the various other sweetmeats, in my opinion.  Burfee (Barfi) is a sweet confectionary (Mithai), that originated from the Indian subcontinent.  Burfee is a type of dense milk based mithai/sweetmeat, and actually derives it’s name from the Persian word BARF, which means Snow.

With Eid-Ul-Fitr just a few days away, I had to share this recipe.  There can never be too many burfee recipe that one would like to try.  I know I have tried a good few versions for years, and some have made it into my collections of ‘Must Keeps’ , the ones I know my family, and I, have enjoyed.  Recently, there was a recipe that was shared for a “7 Minute Burfee”, claiming to be the quickest version of burfee around.  Skeptical at first, I knew I will someday want to give this one a shot.  (Check out my facebook group, WATALOTWEGOT, where we have amazing lovelies, that share some wonderful tried and tested recipes. Shout out to Leyla Randera from the WATALOTWEGOT group, for sharing this idea with us.

Pistachio Burfee

This recipe I share with you today, has been INSPIRED by that very same “7 minute Burfee”, but I adapted it, trying to include various steps/ingredients I have come to know from my various other recipes.  Burfee gets it’s main flavouring from Cardamom powder and Rose Water, and in some cases, even from fruit and nuts added to it.  Today I have used Pistachios (Pista Burfee) in my version, but Almonds are just as good, OR you could also omit the nuts altogether.  I do Hope you give this SUPER QUICK version of Burfee a try soon, And I look forward to hearing what your thoughts/feedbacks are on this.

Happy Burfee(Barfi) Making Lovelies

Love Marriam

Before I go, Allow me to WISH YOU ALL EID MUBARAK, as I May be a AWOL until after Eid-ul-Fitr. BUT you can still catch my mini blog posts up on my INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK PAGE .  HAVE  A BLESSED EID ?


Quick and Easy Pistachio Burfee

Author: Foodeva Marsay



500g Klim (+ Extra 1 cup) (Milk Powder)

290g Nestle Dessert Cream (Large tin)

1/2 cup Milk

2 Tablespoon Butter

2 Cups Icing Sugar

2 teaspoon Cardamom Powder

3 Tablespoon Finely chopped pistachios/almonds


* Heat the cream, milk, butter and icing sugar. Whisk all well for 5 minutes in a large enough non stick pot.

* Add the Klim (Milk Powder) and Stir all ingredients well until combined.

* Allow the mixture to heat through for 2 minutes and add in cardomom (elachie) powder and Pistachio.

* Mixture will be sticky, allow to cool and then add to a lightly greased casserole, flatten into casserole. If the mixture is still sticky, lightly grease hands with butter and tap the mixture into casserole.

* Decorate with more sliced/chopped pistachio and food glitter.

* When completely cooled, cover with cling wrap and let it set until firmer.

* Slice into squares and store in an airtight container.

# add in 1 cup more of klim (milk powder), if you feel the mixture is too soft/sticky.

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Pistachio (Pista) Burfee

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