Naan Flatbread (Yeast-Free)

This Naan flatbread, is an yeast-free version, that is Super Soft, Chewy and Easy to prepare on your stovetop. Perfect for Grills, Roast or Curries.

Naan is generally a Leavened Flatbread that is baked in an oven or tandoor oven, and can be found in many cuisines across the World.  With time, many of the modern recipes for these types of flatbreads, has evolved into not using yeast as a rising agent.  I too love making this newer version of Naan flatbread, simply because it is so simple and delicious.  Typically, Naan Flatbread is served piping hot or at room temperature, and makes an ideal accompaniment to almost any type of dish.

These naan flatbread are perfect if just made as a regular naan, and just a brushing of melted butter or ghee.  But there is also so many other options one can try to add more flavour to a naan flatbread.  Like today, I share with you My family favourite version that I make, I use nigella seeds (Kalonji seeds) and Sometimes Fennel or Cumin Seeds as well.  These I do state on my recipe as OPTIONAL, as the naan flatbread is perfect without any too.  I enjoy the slight onion and liquorice flavours imparted by the seeds and all I brush with, is a little bit of butter after removing the naan from the pan.  You can also brush the naan flatbreads with garlic butter, or sprinkle on some sesame seeds.

So why not give this recipe for naan flatbread a go next time you plan on making some roast, grills or saucy curry, like my Easy Beef Kharai .

Happy Naan Making Lovelies

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Naan Flatbread (Yeast-free)


3 Cups All-Purpose Flour
3 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Nigella Seeds(kalonji seeds) – OPTIONAL
1/4 teaspoon Fennel or Cumin Seeds – OPTIONAL
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
+/- 1 Cup Plain Yoghurt


~ Add dry Ingredients to mixing bowl.
~ Now Add the oil and rub into flour until absorbed.
~ Make dough by gradually adding the yoghurt. Knead well until dough is smooth and soft.
~ Allow dough to rest covered for 10 minutes.
~ Shape as required , either in rounds or rolled out and cut into squares/rectangles.
~ Toast on a flat-pan (Pancake pan, tawa or frying pan), until golden and speckled all over.
~ Lightly brush with melted butter after removing from pan.
~ Keep covered and best served warm with grills or saucy curry.



~ Omit the Nigella seeds and fennel seeds, if using, from original recipe, and ADD 1 TABLESPOON ZA’ATAR INTO FLOUR MIX BEFORE MAKING THE DOUGH.

~ WHEN TOASTING, Brush the flatbread on one side with garlic butter or regular butter/ghee and sprinkle on ZA’ATAR TO ENCRUST THE FLATBREAD SURFACE.  DO THIS ON ONE SIDE OF THE FLATBREAD, OR ON BOTH IF YOU PREFER. Take care with salt content from butter/garlic butter, as za’atar will also have salt in the mix.


> These naan flatbreads are perfect without any added seeds, and with just a brush of melted butter/ghee.

> I have toasted these on a flat pan, but if you have a wood-fired oven, tandoor oven, you can also toast them in that.

> This Naan Flatbread, can be used in a variety of ways, also perfect to use as wraps (roll them slightly thinner, or even the newest craze of making “Naan Flatbread Pizza”, which can be topped with any type of toppings and cheese…#YUMMM

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Naan Flatbread (Yeast-Free) , ready to be served.

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