See Singapore in 3 Days – Marsay Travel Diary

Singapore is an island republic in Southeast Asia at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore derived it’s name from the Sanskrit ‘Singa Pura’ which means Lion City. I still vividly remember the 1st thing that hit me, when we stepped out the airport doors, it was the humidity and secondly, how beautifully green and clean the streets of Singapore was. It was during our ride from the airport, to our hotel, that our very friendly taxi driver took it upon himself to enlighten us a little more about Singapore. It was then that I learned how a Sumatran Prince, Sang Nila Utama, had landed in old Singapore, and the 1st thing he saw was a Lion, and in Malay language, a lion is called Singa, and he had since then given this old island the name of ‘Singapura’ , SINGAPORE now.

Now, Allow me to share with you, moments from my travel diary through Singapore, in the 3 days that I stopped over, in transit to Bali.  I do hope this brings you some ideas as What to do in 3 days on this beautiful little island, SINGAPORE.  

**For those wondering, NO Visa is required for a South African Passport Holder, when visiting Singapore.

** I Highly recommend that you book into a hotel that is close to an MRT (Train Station), to make your commute a little more easier.


Singapore Day 1 – Marsay Travel Diary
Things to-do

NOTE>>> Get yourself tickets for Singapore’s MRT (mass rapid transit), the fastest way to zip around the city, BUT do wear comfy shoes as it will entail lots of walking. Get a special 3 day visitors card at one of the train stations and the card can be returned and a deposit for it will be refunded. Taxis are also a means of transport, and not too expensive. There are also buses that may be used to commute.  English is the main language on the island, so communicating is not too difficult.

At the Bayfront
~ Go See The MOST SPECTACULAR HOTEL IN Singapore, The Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Mall. It is so worth it do go up to the 57th floor Observation Deck, to get the best ‘bird eye view’ of Singapore (My Featured Image Above).  Best to go up early in the morning or late afternoon.  After I got all the pics I wanted, from every angle while walking around the deck, we then enjoyed grabbing an ice cold slush juice, found a cool shady spot with elongated shadows as the sun dropped further down and simply ENJOYED the view.

~ When You come down from the 57th Floor Observation Deck, Grab a bite to eat at one of the food outlets in the mall (Marina Bay Sands Mall), time permitting take a stroll in the mall too,  and then head on over to the Gardens at the Bay. This we opted to do in the early evening , as it is much cooler to walk about. DON’T forget to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome, at an additional cost, together with a little more added on for a shuttle service, you will not regret ever stopping by for this.  April to May was TULIPS season in the flower dome, so we were treated to a spectacular display of rainbow colours of the most beautiful tulips.

Tulip season at the Flower Dome in Singapore.

These domes are the largest contemporary Glass Greenhouses in the World, and is maintained superbly. Within the flower dome, your will get to enjoy plants  and flowers from all over the world, and some trees are believed to be very old, that have been well preserved for all to enjoy. I was thrilled to see a display of my own beloved country, South Africa, amongst all the others ?? ?

Inside the Contemporary Glass Flower Dome.

The Clouds Forest Dome is such a treat. Retreat into a world of Lush Vegetation and a mysterious world veiled in mist of Clouds. The Cloud Forest is a 35-metre tall ‘mountain’, covered in lush vegetation shrouding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall.

This dome transports you into an almost dreamy adventure, as you amble through rainforest settings and then head on up, way up, to walk the sky bridge and into the Lost World, you are left feeling like you are walking in clouds. And as you come down, you still high enough to be walking on tree tops.

Walk along the Sky bridges inside the Cloud Forest Dome.

As you head on out from the Cloud Forest Dome, make your way to the solar powered super-tall tree structures, which function as towering vertical gardens that collect rainwater and solar energy to sustain the garden. These Baobab look-alikes, Power up with enough solar energy to Present a Fabulous Light/Musical Show in the evenings. A must see.

Solar Powered SUPER TREES at Night.


Singapore Day 2 – Marsay Travel Diary
Things to-do

~  Venture Out, via MRT (train), to Little India and China Town, to enjoy the cultural diversity of Singapore. You will be transported back in time, and left to think you are in those respective countries. With lots of history behind these little districts, it is a must see when in Singapore. Also shopping is loads cheaper here, and there are lots of souvenirs or knik-knak shops that can be found.

Vibrant Buildings in Little India, Singapore


Take in the Colours, as well as the hustle and bustle of Little India in Singapore.

~ Try out some of the local dishes when in these parts of the city, Do give Roti Prata and Singaporean Chicken Fried Rice a try, as these are said to be some favourite dishes among the locals.

Roti Prata, I had mine with Cheese stuffing. These pratas are usually enjoyed with a Thin Masala Gravy, But for ME,It was Simple Cheese roti prata with Karak Chai. #YUMMM


While Hubby tried out a variety of the Curried Dishes on Offer at Halaal Outlets, My favourite was the Chicken Fried Rice.

Singaporean Chicken Fried Rice

~  Head out to Marina Bay/South Pier to see one of 5 Merlion Statues that are a national symbol of Singapore. The view of the bayfront from here is awesome.

~  At Night, we explored Orchard Road, with cooler weather conditions, walking outdoors was a little more bearable.  Orchard Road is the place to be, especially, if SHOPPING is what you enjoyA 2.2 km stretch of road that is decked with the finest brand names, and malls that have as many stores for you to peruse at leisure.  If Shopping is not your kind of thing, then do still head on out to Orchard Road, it’s great to do window shopping and then relaxing on a strectch of Low steps, where Local Street Performers, vie to get the attention of the passer-by. Soak in the atmosphere and ENJOY the entertainment, and do maybe drop in a few of your extra coins into the performing artists spots.

Orchard Road in Singapore, comes alive in the evenings.

NOTE>>> This Area along the Orchard Road area, Has numerous Hotels, From Little known hotels, to larger more luxurious brands of hotel. If the bustling city life is what you enjoy, this would be an ideal area to book your next stay in Singapore. The malls near-by also have access to the MRT (train), so travelling around will be easier.


Singapore Day 3 – Marsay Travel Diary 

Things to-do…

~ We had allowed ourselves a whole day set aside for our visit to the Sentosa Island. It has an array of tourist attractions, from beaches, casino (if that’s what you into), Universal Studios Singapore, Madame Tussads, and much more. Pace out your day, if you want to fit  all these attractions into one day. We did commute to Sentosa by Taxi this time round.

Universal Studios Singapore

Thank Goodness for Go-Walkers, that made my feet stay happy?.  Universal Studios has cutting-edge rides, shows, and attractions based on your favourite blockbuster films and television series.  Adults and Children will equally enjoy this theme park. There are refreshment kiosks around the park.  Do Remember to carry along a cap, or umbrella, to help shade you when walking about.  But if like us you Forget, Then you can always buy a ‘keepsake’ cap or two, From the Universal Studio Stores dotted throughout the park.

NOTE>>> To avoid standing in queues to purchase a day ticket into Universal Studios Singapore, You can opt to purchase your ticket online before travelling. And there is also an option for an Express Ticket at additional costs above the entrance ticket price, this express ticket allows you to skip queues or have shorter wait time on the inside, at the participating attractions. Check out their Site HERE to purchase your tickets online.

The Far Far Away Castle at Universal Studios Singapore

These are just some of the main attractions we enjoyed, Singapore still has lots more to offer. Also take a look at some their museums, walk through the National Orchid Garden or the botanical garden. Head over to the Raffles Hotel when you want to enjoy a scrumptious High Tea (Pre-Booking Essential). The Arts House, which was the Old Parliament House, is the oldest building in Singapore, and art exhibitions and other functions are held regularly at this Art House gallery.

Singapore has For Hubby and I, been another tick off our Travel Bucket-List. I do Hope this post has been informative, and don’t forget to bookmark, and SHARE, this post link if you, a family or friend,  intend to travel to Singapore sometime.

Until my next Travel Diary, I wish you many more ‘Travel Inspired Moments’ …


Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


Have you travelled to Singapore? Let me and my readers know, via comments, what you enjoyed most during your travel to Singapore.

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