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Jam Fingers (Hungarian Tarts) – Marsay Family Favourite

This simple and delicious Jam Fingers (Hungarian Tarts), is bursting with sweetness and flavour.  A golden oldie that still sparkles on any tea table. Try this recipe, and soon this too will be your family favourite.


Baking is Therapy.

~Paul Hollywood~

I couldn’t agree more with that quote by Paul Hollywood.  I Love baking, and have been helping my grans, mum and aunts with baking ever since I was as young as 8-9 years of age. There is something so therapeutic about getting your hands into a batter/bread/pastry mix, with a flood of fond memories engulfing you. With Eid-ul-Adha upon us, this is one such recipe that has always been baked and enjoyed in my family, hence it being a “Marsay Family Favourite”.  A recipe that I have shared on numerous occasions before, on the different social media platform, but can’t believe I haven’t stuck it in here already.  Better late than never, right?

Jam Fingers (Hungarian Tarts), are basically a shortbread type of biscuit dough, that is pressed into a pan, spreading over a layer of either jam, lemon curd, date paste or chocolate spread, then adding a ‘crumble’ of the same dough over the filling.  I’ve actually grown to love this biscuit, but prefer using Strawberry Jam (#COOKIEMONSTER tendencies?).  This age old classic in many South African homes, can be found gracing our tables almost anytime of the year.  These Jam Fingers (Hungarian tarts), can also be made up individually or in a rectangular baking tray, cut into fingers or squares, whilst still warm.

Jam Fingers (Hungarian Tarts)


So go On..give this recipe a try and I look forward to hearing from you.




Another of my Favourite Biscuits to bake, is a classic SHORTBREAD.  Have you given my Easy Shortbread Recipe a try?  What is YOUR FAVOURITE Golden Oldie Biscuit that your family simply enjoy all year round?


Jam Fingers (Hungarian Tarts)

Author: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)

250 grams Butter/margarine
1 Cup castor sugar(granulated sugar)
2 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 Eggs (large or extra large)
4 Cups All-Purpose Cake flour
4 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 Cup Apricot/Strawberry Jam


~Preheat Oven to 170 – 175 degree Celsius
~ Cream together the Butter and sugar until light.
~ Add egg and vanilla essence, beat well
~  Add sifted dry ingredients and mix until it forms a soft dough (do not add any liquid)
~ Press 2/3 of the pastry into a greased tin/large rectangular casserole
~ Slightly warm the Jam, and Spread the Jam over the pressed in pastry, taking care not to spread jam too near the edges,as it will run out and burn while baking
~ Grate the remainder of the pastry over the jam.
Bake for ±30 minutes, cut into fingers/squares while still warm
~ When cool, dust with icing sugar and sprinkle over some edible glitter.

* These fingers freeze well
* You can Use Lemon Curd, Date Paste, or Chocolate Spread as well, instead of Jam.
* These can be made into individual tartlets, press a small ping pong ball sized dough into a shallow patty pan, spread filling and grate pastry over, before baking. Take care of baking time, as it will be less than a large tray.


Jam Fingers aka Hungarian Tarts

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