Gourmet ‘Bombay Crush’ Milkshake

A sweet and dreamy milkshake, Give this Gourmet ‘Bombay Crush’ Milkshake a try, it’s perfect to cool off with, on a warm summer’s day.

The new trendy ‘Gourmet’ range of milkshakes that have surfaced recently, have nothing in comparison to this Golden Oldie of the milkshake World. This ‘Bombay Crush’ milkshake, could pretty well be one of the very 1st ‘gourmet’ milkshakes ever invented. The original version of this type of dessert/milkshake, can be dated back to Persia, and had been brought over to the Indian Subcontinent, around the 16th – 18th century. In the Indian Subcontinent, This is often referred to as “Falooda”, and there are a number of versions to this, with most ingredients remaining the same, expect for the addition of vermicelli and sago in some parts of the world.

This Icy cold, Refreshing drink, was also made very popular here in South Africa, by a Durban based business, Mullah’s Cafe, when they 1st served this as a milkshake, and called it ‘Bombay Crush’. I have fond memories of heading over to the beachfront on hot, balmy weekend evenings, whilst growing up in Durban, and my Dad and late Mum, had to get us a couple of these refreshing milkshakes to cool off.

Icy Cold Bombay Crush to end a Warm Summer’s Day

Bombay Crush, is enjoyed by many South African Indians, and Muslims especially love it during month long fasting of Ramadaan. Nothing quenches the thirst after a long day of fasting than a glass of ice cold ‘Bombay Crush’. This ‘old-school’ gourmet milkshake, is made with milk, ice cream, falooda/rose syrup jelly, and also has Sabja Seeds…

What is Sabja Seeds you may ask…

Sabja Seeds/Sweet Basil Seeds whilst soaking in a glass of water.

Sabja Seeds are also commonly known as ‘tukmaria seeds’ or ‘falooda’, are the seeds of “sweet basil”. They have a close resemblance to Chia Seeds and offer a huge range of benefits. Sabja seeds are popularly used in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine and have many more health benefits that you may have not known.
• Helps in Weight Loss.
• Reduces Body Heat.
• Controls Blood Sugar Levels.
• Relieves Constipation and Bloating.
• Treats Acidity and Heartburn.
• For Healthy Skin and Hair.
• Cures Cough and Flu.

Over the years, I have not been making this milkshake, or any other, or if I did, it was on a very rare occasion. So since It has been ages since I made this milkshake, I thought I should treat my better half this weekend, and what better time than with it being the Day of Ashura (10th Muharram – Muharram is the 1st Islamic Month in the Hijri Calendar, and signifies a new year, with the 1st 10 days also being holy days). So we enjoyed this Dreamy, Creamy milkshake with a side of MALIDA , which is also commonly made at around this time of the year. Find below my version of this age old ‘gourmet’ milkshake, Bombay Crush. This is similar to my Rose and Strawberry Milkshake Lollies , which can also be enjoyed as a milkshake. Do give this one a try, and I look forward to all your feedback.

Happy Bombay ‘Crushing’…




Gourmet 'Bombay Crush' Milkshake

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: easy
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Author: Foodeva Marsay


1 Litre Fresh Milk
250ml Fresh Cream
6 Tablespoon Nesquik Strawberry flavoured powder
6 Tablespoon Rose Syrup
1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream , Plus additional amounts for serving
Tukmaria/Sabjha seeds (soaked)
Shredded Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly

~ Make the Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly, and allow to set well before Shredding/Grating
Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly – @foodeva_marsay
> 2 cups Boiling water + 1 and 1/2 – 2 teaspoon Falooda powder (Agar Agar) + 8 Tablespoon Rose Syrup + 1 Tablespoon Sugar(optional)
> Mix well and allow to set in refrigerator.

~ Add the Milk, Fresh Cream, Strawberry Flavoured powder, Rose Syrup and 1 Cup Vanilla Ice cream to a blender, and blend until well mixed and frothy.

~ Keep this milkshake in the freezer for 30 minutes – 1 hour, or until slushy and icy cold

~ In a Serving Glass, Add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, Shredded Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly, Some of the soaked Sabja Seeds, and a drizzle of rose syrup around the inside of the glass/carafe

~ Remove the Milkshake from the Freezer, and if too slushy, quickly blend again, and pour into serving glasses.

~ Top the glass with more shredded Rose Syrup Jelly and a sprinkle of Sabjha seeds. Best Enjoyed immediately and ice cold.

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Gourmet ‘Bombay Crush’ Milkshake.

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