Sweet Vermicelli

Sweet Vermicelli is a simple and sweet dish, that can be prepared in a jiffy. Delicately flavoured with Cinnamon and Cardamom, you can now serve dessert in half an hour or less.

Sweet vermicelli, sometimes referred to as seviyan, or In many Urdu Speaking families, this sweet dish can also be called Jardah. The latter is what I had grown up referring to this sweet vermicelli as. I can’t help but become nostalgic whenever I make this. It was one of my late mum’s favourite, and she had a knack of making THE MOST DELICIOUS JARDAH. I was taken down memory lane yet again recently, when I made this Sweet vermicelli, and I even had my better half arguing that my MUM made this Best, and I won’t argue with that. Well, we do learn from our mum’s after all, The time and Dedication our Mum’s put into teaching us the simple techniques of cooking/baking, are undoubtedly, the stepping stones into any culinary world we hope to travel into. Such are Foodie Memories, Some that hang onto your heartstrings, with special memories etched in them.

Now, Sweet Vermicelli, may be commonly known as a Pakistani or Indian type of sweet dish. But, did you know, That even in the middle east, there is a similar sweet dish. In Iraq, you will find Halawat Sha’riyya (Sweet Golden Vermicelli), whilst in the United Arab Emirates, it is Balaleet that graces many a table during Ramadaan, or a lazy weekend Brunch.  I love how so many dishes the World Over have similar techniques and ideas.

So with it now officially being Summer Months here in South Africa, apart from the glorious African sunshine, I think it’s time to allow the Golden Sweetness of this Sweet Vermicelli, to grace your tables too.  Especially, since it takes just 5 important steps during the make up of this sweet treat.  Have a look at this Step by Step Tutorial collage, it basically entails..

  1. Melting the butter
  2. Adding the Vermicelli
  3. Browning the Vermicelli
  4. Adding in the Water and Sugar
  5. Finally, simmering on the lowest heat setting, before you can enjoy


SWEET VERMICELLI Step by Step collage

Now that you have a basic idea of how to go about preparing this sweet dish, You can find my recipe below.




Sweet Vermicelli

AUTHOR: FOODEVA MARSAY (@foodeva_marsay)


2 and 1/2 Cup crushed Vermicelli
100 grams Butter
1 cinnamon stick
1/4 teaspoon Cardamom Powder
3/4 Cup Sugar
1 1/2 Cup Boiled Water


~ Melt the butter in a large enough pot
~ Crush the Vermicelli with hands, so they are smaller in size
~ Add the Cinnamon stick to melting butter
~ Now Add in the crushed Vermicelli, and mix through the melted butter
~ Sprinkle on the cardamom powder, stir through and allow the Vermicelli to brown.
~ Carefully add in 1 cup of the boiled water
to the pot and follow immediately with the sugar
~ Lower the heat on stove, and allow the Vermicelli to slowly absorb the liquid.
~ Gradually, Keep adding more water from the 1/2 Cup Water left.
~ Once the Vermicelli has softened, it is ready to be enjoyed.
~ Serve with chopped roasted almonds or pistachios and a drizzle of cream (optional)

* When Browning the Vermicelli, remember the darker the colour of the vermicelli at this point, the darker the end result will be. You can brown to a lightish pink for a lighter end result.
* When adding water, take care as it does splatter and create lots of steam, if you more comfortable, move the pot away from heat source and carefully add the water.
* You can up the Sugar slightly more if you like a very sweet end result.
* Add in chopped almonds, raisins/sultanas or coconut to the Vermicelli during cooking stage, for a more Luxurious Sweet dish.

*KINDLY share my recipes as posted, ©www.marriamsayed.com*

Sweet Vermicelli is Ready to be Served

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