How To Colour Coconut – DIY for Beginners

Coloured Coconut make for pretty deco on sweets treats. Similar to my DIY Blog Posts on How to colour Almonds and Sesames seeds, this one is just as easy.

WHY COLOUR COCONUT??? Because there is always so much more that can be done with it.  I remember days, way back in the ‘old days’ when coconut was used to decorate cakes, instead of the fancy fondant toppers we have today.  When grans and mum’s whipped up a cake for their little ones, then coloured coconut was the go-to ingredient for deco.  Perfectly coloured to match green grass fields, or blue skies.  A ball of yellow in the corner, was also coloured coconut.  

Besides, coconut is delicious too.  This rainbow coloured version that I mix up, Is percent for topping onto frosted cupcakes, desserts and even a good few sweet treats.  Think about sprinkling it onto Sutherfeni, Khaja (Banana Puri), or like I did, when I opted to have a rainbow sprinkle of coconut on my Dahiwara . HOW PRETTY DO THESE LOOK!

Rainbow Coloured Coconut sprinkled onto Dahiwara

Here is how You too can go about making this.



Have a Blessed Eid-Ul-Adha to all my muslim readers.  


AUTHOR: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)

Step 1 

~ Preheat the oven to 90-100 degree Celsius 

~ Place a sheet of baking paper onto a Baking sheet

Step 2

~ Depending on how many colours you need, Place 1/2 Cup of Desiccated Coconut into a sealable plastic bag (or any other plastic bag you have available)

~ Add in 2-3 drops of colouring to the coconut, and mix in the colouring evenly. 

~ The colouring may not adhere, so a few drops of water may assist in evenly distributing the colour to the coconut.

~ If you need more colours, do the same as above, each in a new plastic bag.

Step 3

~ Place the coloured coconut onto the Baking paper prepared sheet pan.

~ Remember to keep colours separated if using more than one colour.

~ Once all the coconut has been coloured, Sit the sheet pan into the oven, on the middle rack

~  Allow the coconut to gently dry for 5-10 minutes.  Take Care not to brown the coconut.

Batches of Coloured coconut, Ready to dry in oven.

Step 4

~ Remove the coloured coconut from the oven, allow to cool well.

~ When the coloured coconut is dried and cool, you can gently Mix them up, to form a multi-coloured rainbow coloured coconut

~ The coloured coconut is ready to be stored, in an air tight container.  Use as desired.

A rainbow batch of coloured coconut


> If you need coloured coconut in separate colours, the dry each coloured lot separately. Cool well and store each colour separately.

> You can add more colouring as you need colour intensity.  Gel colours or liquid concentrates are good to use.

> Perfect to use sprinkled onto Sutherfeni, Khaja (Banana Puri), or like I did, when I opted to have a rainbow sprinkle of coconut on my Dahiwara.

Coloured Coconut makes for a perfect deco.

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