Lilac Breasted Roller in Flight – Marsay Photography

The Lilac Breasted Breasted Rollers, are like winged rainbows against the African Skies.  

With it being World Photography Day today, 19th August, and since I have not shared some of my amateur clicks with you lovelies in a while, makes for a perfect opportunity to showcase these 2 captures.  I simply can’t get enough of these pretty, rainbow coloured birds, with its Lilac Chest, Green Head and Shades of Blue Wing.  You too will be Hypnotised with its beauty.

The Lilac Breasted Roller is an African member amongst the roller family of birds, and is widely found in the Sub Saharan Africa. Considered a bird of PEACE, and Unofficially recored as Kenya’s National Bird, The Lilac Breasted Roller, is also believed to play a significant part in some African Folklore.

One of my favourite bird species to photograph in the Kruger National Park, I have a good few pictures of these little beauties perched upon a tree branch.  I have never been quick enough, or lucky enough, to capture one in flight.  If there is one thing I have learnt from my passion for Photography, it is PATIENCE.  Often times, we drive off after the lilac breasted roller takes flight, but then in December 2017, We were patient enough to hang around, enjoyed the antics of this particular Lilac Breasted Roller, and managed to capture a good few pictures.

Until Next Time… Allow me to leave you with these 2 pictures I captured and this Quote,

“Taking Pictures is Savouring Life intensely, every hundredth of a second” ~ Marc Riboud~

Lilac Breasted Roller in Flight – Kruger National Park, December 2017


Lilac Breasted Rolloer, December 2017. Kruger National Park





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