Easy Homemade Karak Chai

Karak Chai is a milky spiced tea, that is pretty Easy to whip up right in your own kitchen.  This Karak Chai is perfectly spiced and ready in minutes.

September has brought on an icy cold front yet again to our part of the world, South Africa.  Just when we thought winter was done and heading out, Mother Nature had other plans.  We’ve had temperatures plummeting across the country bringing along much needed rain showers, and some snow to certain parts of our country.  But this drop in temperature has me craving for a deliciously warm and sweet Karak Chai.  I enjoyed Karak Chai all across the Middle East, and while travelling in India, And this cuppa chai took me right back on those travels.

Like I said, this Homemade Karak Chai is EASY.  A simple technique that requires little effort, using whole spices, fresh ginger and tea.   I have made use of Cardamom Flavoured Evaporated Milk today, but any other regular variety may be used.  The little effort to make Karak Chai, come mainly from Cracking or slightly pounding the whole spices and ginger, just enough to release maximum flavour from them.  If you are intrigued already, then don’t delay. Have a look at this Step by Step Collage, on how to make Homemade Karak Chai.

Step by Step Collage on how to Make Homemade Karak Chai
Step by Step Collage, How To Make Homemade Karak Chai

Let’s Get Brewing this Deliciously EASY HOMEMADE KARAK CHAI.

Love Marriam

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Easy Homemade Karak Chai {Strong Masala Tea}

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Author: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay) 

You will Need:
3-4 Whole Cardamom Pods
2 Medium sized Cinnamon Sticks
3 Whole Cloves
1 Thumb Sized Fresh Ginger
2-3 Black Tea (In Bags or 2 Tablespoon Loose Tea)
2 Cups Boiled Water
1/2 Cup or more Cardamom Flavoured Evaporated Milk (or regular Evaporated Milk)

Sugar/Condensed Milk to Sweeten


~ Lightly Crush the Cardamom pods, Cloves, and Ginger, to help release more flavour. Add them to a large enough saucepan/pot, together with the Cinnamon Sticks.

~ Add in the Teabags (or loose tea), and top with freshly boiled water.

~ Allow the tea to brew on medium heat setting until a rolling boil is reached.

~ Now add in the Cardamom flavoured Evaporated Milk.

~ Sweeten as per liking

~ Allow tea to boil and simmer twice more, or until tea is strong and fragrant.

~ Using a Tea Strainer, strain the Karak Chai into cups.

*Notes by Foodeva Marsay*
~ Use any brand of teabags (Black Tea). You may also opt to use loose black tea.

~ Regular Evaporated Milk can be used, as well Regular Fresh Milk or Any other Milk you Prefer.

~ Ginger can be optional, but highly recommended as it imparts much health benefits.

~ This tea is generally served sweet, and you may add any other sugar alternatives.

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Easy Homemade Karak Chai is Served

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