One Pot Pasta With Cook-In Sauce

One Pot Pasta with Cook-In Sauce is a Delightfully Delicious and Time Saving Pasta, that makes for a Great Side Dish or As a meal for those lazy days.  Besides, who wouldn’t want less washing up right, and this one pot wonder is just that.  No separate pot for boiling your pasta, or another to prep your sauce, no draining of pasta needed.

Right now, I am so glad I learned this technique of preparing pasta this way, some 6-7 years ago.  This One Pot Pasta makes for a quick meal prep, perfect for an impromptu braai, as a side dish, when you have unexpected guests at around meal time.  I also whip this one up quickly on a self-catering holiday, all I need is a ready store bought sauce powder or the amount in weight mentioned of cornstarch.  With simple pantry ingredients, like pasta, milk, and sauce powder, you too can whip up this One Pot Pasta Wonder, in less than 15 minutes.  Whether you opt to have it as a creamy Alfredo or Mushroom Alfredo style, or even as mac and cheese option, I am going to show you how to wow your family and guests in a jiffy.

One Pot Pasta, Served as a Side Dish to Grilled Steak

Have at a look at my Youtube Vlog on HERE , to get a better grasp on how to go about making this One Pot Pasta with Cook-In Sauce.

Let’s get Cooking…

Happy “One Pot Pasta” Making lovelies.

Love Marriam

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One Pot Pasta with Cook-In Sauce

Author: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay) .


3 Cups Water (Freshly Boiled)

1 Cup Milk

4 Tablespoon Butter

1 Sachet (38 grams) Ready Sauce Powder (Dry Mix) – Any Brand.

250 grams Pasta

1/2 teaspoon green Chillie and Garlic paste(OPTIONAL) .


~ Bring Water, Milk and Butter to a gentle simmer

~ Make a slurry of the sauce powder (with water)

~  Add the Sauce Slurry to the pot, and whisk so no lumps form.

~ Now add in pasta (of choice), and bring back to a gentle simmering boil, for 8-10 minutes.  Do Not put on the pot lid during this stage.

~ Stir the pasta and liquids a few times. Add in the Chilli and Garlic paste if using,  and season lightly with salt and a crack of pepper, and stir well.

~ After 10 minutes, switch off the heat, and now CLOSE THE POT WITH THE LID.  Allow the pasta to stand for a further 2 minutes this way, so the pasta softens with the residual heat in the pot.

~ The ONE POT PASTA WITH COOK-IN SAUCE is ready to be plated.

~ Serve with a sprinkle of freshly chopped Parsley.

~ Top the pasta with blistered cherry tomatoes, done by using just butter, salt, pepper,  and fresh thyme or other herbs.

~ Stir-Fry Vegetables makes for a great alternative when serving. OR Enjoy as a side dish, with grilled meats. .



~ If you prefer,  you can use Cornstarch(maizena) instead of the ready sauce powder. Use the same weight as mentioned. Ensure you season your pasta well when using Cornstarch. .

~ Half Milk/Half Water ratio also works. .

~ For a richer creamier taste, use 1 cup fresh cream instead of milk. .


》Use a Cheese Sauce Powder, and Macaroni as pasta choice.

》 Stir in Cheddar Cheese when pasta is resting in last 2 Minutes, before serving. .

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One Pot Pasta with Cook-In Sauce, MAC AND CHEESE VERSION

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