Old School Chicken and Corn Soup

This Old School Chicken and Corn Soup, is hearty and nutritious, and perfect if you do not want to use store bought soup powders.  

After the heatwave here in Johannesburg, we were blessed with a few days of cooler, rainy days, ALHAMDULILLAH (Praise Be to the Almighty).  No, I did not make soup on the colder days, but did a flashback recall of this Old School version of Chicken and Corn Soup.  Many years back, as far back as when BBM introduced groups, some friends and I had shared recipes between us.  There were some really classic recipes that were shared, and this particular version of chicken and corn soup, was a huge hit back then.  Sadly, I misplaced the recipe, probably due to Cellphone Upgrades, and never seemed to get that original recipe.  A couple years back, I took on the challenge to attempt to re-create that old school, version of chicken and corn soup, and I believe this is the closest I got to it.

Why was this Soup Version so loved back then, you may ask.  That is because it calls for staple ingredients found in your kitchen/pantry.  There is NO ADDED SOUP MIXES, and is much lighter to be enjoyed all year round.  Now not that I don’t enjoy the creamier version, which I have shared before, but it’s good to have simple, unaltered and nutritious recipes that add more benefit to your overall diet.  Right?

So here is this golden Oldie version of chicken and corn soup, do give it try sometime, and I look forward to hearing your feedbacks on comments section below, or on my various social media platforms.

Happy Soup Making Lovelies

Love Marriam


Old School Chicken and Corn Soup

Old School Chicken and Corn Soup

Author: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)

Step By Step Recipe Video link here :https://youtu.be/p9aYA0Ejcxw

You will Need:

2  Chicken Fillets, cubed (or 1 Heaped cup)

1 Tablespoon Green Chilli and Garlic paste, (or regular garlic)

1 medium Onion,  chopped

2 Tablespoon Butter or Ghee

1 teaspoon Whole Cumin seeds 

1/4 teaspoon Turmeric Powder 

1/2 teaspoon Cumin Powder 

1/2 teaspoon Crushed Chillie Powder (Chillie Flakes)

Salt and Pepper to season 

1/5 – 2 litres Boiled Water

1 Can Creamstyle Sweetcorn 

1/3 Cup broken Spaghetti  (optional)

1/2 Cup Fresh Cream 

4-5 Tablespoon Maizena(Corn Starch) , made into a slurry with water. 

Chopped Fresh Parsley 



~ Cube the chicken fillets and marinate with Chillie and Garlic paste (or just garlic)

~ Melt butter/ghee,  add in chopped onions.  When translucent and turning brown, add in the whole cumin seeds. 

~ Follow by adding the cubed chicken 

~ Sauté for a bit, then add in Tumeric,  Cumin powder and Crushed Chillie Powder.  Stir well and let brown for a little.  

~ Add in the Boiled Water, and season with salt and pepper

~ Bring soup to a gentle boil, for 20 minutes 

~ Add in the Creamstyle Sweetcorn, and the broken Spaghetti (if using)

~ Allow to cook for another 10 minutes.  Follow with adding the fresh cream, mix well.  

~ Lastly add the Corn Starch slurry,  and let the soup gently boil until thickened.

~ Check seasoning again and adjust.

~ Add more corn starch slurry if you prefer a thicker soup consistency.

~ Finish off with chopped fresh Parsley.  




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Old School Chicken and Corn Soup is Served

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