Steak Chimichangas

Let’s get you making these Easy Mexican/American meal, Chimichangas

Chimichangas are basically burrito that is fried. Most often, this is deep fried, but you don’t have to follow the norm.
I make these in shallow oil, or even baked, to reduce the calories consumed.
My family also enjoy this topped with simple spicy salsa, sour cream and Guacamole.

Here I made use of leftover Saucy Steak, to quickly whip this up as a Light meal. Perfect for hot Summer days, also great as an appetizer/savoury option.
Any type of filling can be used, or simply shred leftover meats you may have.

Let’s get making these Chimichangas!!!

Have a look see at this short Tutorial  Video Clip, to see the steps I use to make up these steam chimichangas.

Happy “Chimichanga Rolling” lovelies


Steak Chimichangas

Author: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)
How to make:
~ Flour Tortilla Wraps
~ Filling of choice,
(here I used Saucy steak, with mushrooms and peppers)
~ Grated Cheese, Cheddar/Mozzarella
~ Start by adding cheese onto a Tortilla wrap
~ Spoon on some of the filling.
~ Top with a little more cheese.
~ Start Wrapping the Chimichangas, fold bottom of Tortilla Wrap over the filling. Now fold in the sides, and keep rolling them until you reach the other end of the tortilla wrap.
~ At this stage, you can opt to seal the edge, with a flour/water paste.
~ Heat a little oil in a frying pan, and begin to shallow fry the Chimichangas with the folded end at the bottom. Allow to brown
~ Carefully turn over, and fry the other side, until crisp and golden in colour.
~ Serve immediately, topped with a little mirevgeated cheese ( It should melt on hot Chimichangas slightly ).
~ Spoon on spicy salsa sauce, top with sour cream and Guacamole.
Guacamole can be served on the side as well.
~ Serve Chimichangas with Fresh Lime and Fresh Micro-Greens or a salad.
~ Yummmm
*Short slide tutorial here on tik tok…
*Notes by Foodeva Marsay*
~ Perfect for hot Summer days, also great as an appetizer/savoury option.
~ Add Beans if you prefer to your filling.
~ You may opt to use store bought salsa sauce.
~ These can be baked in moderate oven, simply brush a little oil onto the wrapped chimichangas, and bake with the last wrapped end at the bottom, until golden brown.
*Find my saucy steak, Guacamole and A tomato sauce recipe shared on Foodeva Marsay website before.
*Kindly share as posted, ©️*

Steak Chimichangas served!

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