Marsay Reads January 2021 – Mini Book Reviews

These Marsay Reads January 2021 come highly recommended.   I have managed to read 3 Novels this month, and all 3 of these Books have been Kindle versions (E-Books) that I had purchased.

Take a look at these short mini book reviews.  HAVE YOU READ ANY OF THESE YET? If Not, Add them to your ‘TO-READ’ list this year.

BOOK 1 in Marsay Reads January 2021

Mother’s Know: Letters to my Global Daughters

TITLE: MOTHER’S KNOW – Letters To My Global Daughters

AUTHOR: Feeyola Dawood

PUBLISHED DATE: December 2020

This is South African Born Author, Feeyola Dawood’s 1st Published Book.  An easy to read narrative, that is in the form of ‘Journal Letters’, that is addressed to her daughter.  HOWEVER, the broader message delivered in each letter, are little pearls of wisdom, that the author takes from some of her personal journey through life, and shares her insights that are valuable to all young women, the World Over.  You can look forward to a variety of topics and discussions that are addressed, some taboo in certain societies, but penned quite well.  Mother’s Know: Letters to my Global Daughters, is a treasure of wise words not just for young women to read up on, but could also assist single dads with young daughters.  I enjoyed this read, and would recommend it.




BOOK 2 in Marsay Reads January 2021



AUTHOR: Raashida Khan


I have had this book on my ‘To-Read” shelf since 2019.  And whenever I went to my local book store, I was never able to find a copy.  Finally, I purchased the e-book version of this novel, on kindle.  OOOH WHAT A TREAT!!!!  Raashida Khan is also a South African Author, and I must admit, I had thought it would be like every other South African Muslim writers books, thinking the same old, with storyline and ending.

Mirror Cracked truly had me hooked from the 1st page.  Raashida Khan’s writing abilty is most admired.  A story that encapsulates LOVE, HOPE, BETRAYAL and SURRENDER.  Raashida  Khan’s skilfully takes her reader through the various emotions, and I felt drawn in with each emotion.  There are many relevant topics, that are of social importance raised throughout the book, and one major TABOO Topic that can leave eyebrows raised (In a South African Muslim Community).  I will not divulge more about that, because Like me, I want YOU MY READER’S, to also be drawn in with each page you turn.

Mirror Cracked is about Portaganist, Azraa Hassim, who is a Modern and Strong Muslim Women.  This novel will take you on a journey through her life and how she holds on, as life throws her challenges that may leave her Cracked and Distorted.

I have ENJOYED this novel Tremendously, a true page turner.  It most definitely comes Highly Recommended!


???? ? OUT OF 5 STARS


BOOK 3 in Marsay Reads January 2021

Fragrance Of Forgiveness By Raashida Khan

TITLE: Fragrance of Forgiveness

AUTHOR: Raashida Khan

PUBLISHED DATE: February 2019

Because I LOVED MIRROR CRACKED, And needed to Know how this Storyline would end, I knew I had to purchase the Sequel.  YES,  Fragrance of Forgiveness is a SEQUEL, to Raashida Khan’sAward Winning  1st Novel, Mirror Cracked.   WAS THIS THEN ANY GOOD YOU MAY ASK?…. ABSOLUTELY.  If I began enjoying Raashida Khan’s writing ability in her 1st Novel, Then this book sealed my love for this great South African Writer.

Fragrance of Forgiveness, picks up some 2 years after Azraa Hassim had to deal with a few traumatic incidents in Mirror Cracked.  The Book focuses once again on the protagonist in the story, Azraa, who seems to just be living a robotic life, hardly involving herself with her loved ones.  Fragrance of Forgiveness has its own tragedies, and eyebrow raising moments too, but it is a story that paves the way for healing.  The book is full of life lessons and messages, that we can each benefit from in our own situations in life.  Azraa too proves to be a Resilient and Admired Woman, who  finally manages to pull herself together.

Fragrance Of Forgiveness is another masterfully penned story that is thought provoking and gripping at the same time.  This is yet another READ I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND, But Do read Mirror Cracked 1st!

Foodeva Marsay Ratings

????? OUT OF 5 STARS


I do Hope you have ENJOYED my Marsay Reads January 2021: Mini Book Reviews.  IF YOU DO READ, or have READ, these books, do drop me your feedback as well. I LOVE HEARING FROM You.

Happy Reading Lovelies



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