Instant Pot Mielies aka Corn on the Cob

Mielies or Corn on the Cob is a popular Vegetable in South Africa.  Here is another Quick and Easy way to prepare Mielies/Corn on the Cob, using an Instant Pot Cooker.

Mielies are a traditional South African, and African, basis for many of our cuisines.  In many parts of South Africa, you will come across hectares of Green Maize Farms.  Thank Goodness for our Farmers that bring us such delicious and nutritious goodness to our tables.  Growing up in Durban, mielies were a common part of our diets.  There are numerous ways the generations and different communities, use Maize/Mielies to whip up something for their families.

In recent years, I was blessed to watch an adjacent Maize plantation go through the various stages of preparation and growth.  A little something, if you do not see and learn about, that we take for granted.  A couple years back, I remember not seeing any mielie planting preps being made on these farms, and wondered why!  Only to learn that since we hadn’t had sufficient rains that year, farmers had to delay the mielie planting, until good rains arrived.  So next time you are biting into that mielie/corn on the cob, take a  moment to give thanks to our farmers and their staff.

A mielie plant in early growth stages. (Eastrand,December 2019)


An Adjacent Mielie Plantation in early stages. (Eastrand, December 2019)


These are some common ways many South Africans Enjoy Mielies or Maize.

~ It is not uncommon to find Street Hawkers, roasting up fresh green Mielies / corn on the cob.  These can be Boiled in water until cooked, OR roasted on Hot Coals.  The same methods are also used in many homes in South Africa.

~ Maize Kernels that are dried and Broken, is enjoyed as Samp

~ Dried Maize Kernels ground fine is what we South Africans call Mielie Meal.  Mielie meal can be used to create so many varieties of South African favourites, and Phuthu (Krummelpap) is one I have shared before. Traditional South African Phuthu RECIPE HERE

Then along came INSTANT POT, and made Modern day living so much easier, and quicker.  I still LOVE the old school methods of cooking and baking, but there are times when modern methods have to be tried and enjoyed.  Now recently my habibi had purchased a few green mielies, and I knew I had to try making them using my Instant Pot.  I was pleasantly surprised, and Oohhh so quick!

Viola!!! Green Mielies to satisfy a craving, even as evening approaches.

Here is how I went about Preparing my fresh Green Mielies, using my Instant Pot.  You can also find my short step by step video on my YouTube Channel.

Let’s Get Preparing Fresh Green Mielies / Corn on the Cob

LOVE Marriam

Instant Pot Mielies/Corn On The Cob

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: easy
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AUTHOR: FOODEVA MARSAY (@foodeva_marsay) 

You will Need:
1 Cup Water
Salt/Aromat, Butter
3-4 Green Fresh Mielies Or Sweetcorn on the Cob
~ Remove the Husks and Silk from 3-4 Fresh Green Mielies, or Sweet Corn, On The Cob. Reserve a few of the innermost leaves.
~ Rinse the Mielies/Sweetcorn,  and Spread on a little butter and a sprinkle of salt onto each Mielie/Corn Cob
~ Use the reserved innermost leaves, to cover the Mielies/Corn (optional)
~ Switch on the Instant Pot, Add 1 Cup of Water to the Inner Pot, and Insert the metal Trivet into the inner pot.
~ Place the Fresh Mielies/Sweetcorn onto the trivet.  *Stack them if need be, in alternate directions*
~ Close Instant Pot Lid, Turn the Steam valve to ‘Sealing’ position.
~ Press Pressure Cook Function, for 5 minutes for Fresh Green Mielies.  OR 3 minutes for Sweetcorn on the Cob.
~ Instant Pot will reach Pressure in 5-10 Minutes, the Pressure Pin will Rise,  before it is ready to count down the time entered.
~ When the Pressure Cook time ENDS,  Manually quick release the pressure, by carefully turning the steam valve (use a long spoon/Handle of spoon), to ‘Venting’ Position. Once the pressure is all released, The Pressure Pin will drop. Now open the Instant Pot Lid.
~ Fresh Green Mielies/Sweetcorn on the Cob is ready to serve.
~ Best enjoyed served HOT with a slather of butter, aromat or any other topping you enjoy.

Short Step by Step Video on YouTube channel here:
Notes by Foodeva Marsay
* ‘An Old School Family Trick’ – Adding the tender innermost leaves to cover the Mielies, brings out a lot more flavour of the Mielies.  It also helps retain more moisture as the Mielies Cook.
But this can be optional,  and may be omitted if you prefer.
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post.  Product Review and Recipe are all my own.
*kindly share as posted, ©️*

Fresh Green Mielies , prepared in Instant Pot, BEST served Hot with topping of choice.
Here I topped with butter, aromat and a spread of Peanut Chutney. YUMMMM

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