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Deluxe Rose and Almond Phirni

This deluxe Phirni is a simple, creamy and delicious Rice flour and almond dessert, with a delicate rose flavour.  

Phirni has always been a popular dessert amongst the South African Indian community.  A dessert that is most commonly enjoyed during the month of Ramadaan, but is just as perfect anytime of the year.  Growing up, Grandma’s always made the best Phirni, yet for some reason, along the generations, phirni preparations had varied.  I personally have never been a fan of Phirni, only because it kept reminding me of ‘Sojee Porridge’ (semolina porridge), that has been chilled.

My love for this dessert has grown gradually, as I began reading more about it, when some lovely ladies had mentioned to me, that phirni, in the ‘old days’ were often made with Rice flour.  I began experimenting back then, and have been enjoying this refreshing and creamy dessert, only when made this way.  

Did you know?

The true origin of Phirni is believed to have hailed from ancient Persia or the Middle East?  It was the Mughal empire that invented and introduced it to India.  In Persia, Phirni is believed to have been known as the “Food of Angels” and was known as ‘Sheer Birinj’.

These days, One can find various forms of Phirni in India, and the more popular ones are Kheer and Payasam.  So, in other words, Phirni is the BIG SISTER of Kheer and Payasam. 

A similar rice pudding can also be found in Iran, known as ‘Fereni’, whilst places like Turkey and Egypt, with similar desserts, are called ‘Muhallabia’.

Phirni can also be called ‘Firni or Finni’ is some households.  So by whichever name your refer to this delicious dessert, It sure is a winner and worth a try if you have not as yet attempted to make your own.  Do give this version a try, and I look forward to hearing and seeing all your wonderful feedbacks, either in comments here, or on my various social media platforms. 

Let’s get those whisks out, and get preparing this creamy cooling dessert.

Let’s get whisking up this Deluxe Rose and Almond Phirni

Stay Safe, Have a Blessed Ramadan to all my Muslim readers, and Do remember me in your duas/prayers.

Happy ‘PHIRNI MAKING’ lovelies

LOVE Marriam

Wondering what ‘SOJEE PORRIDGE IS? have a look at this post  On my Instagram Profile here

Deluxe Rose and Almond Phirni

AUTHOR: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)


1 Litre Milk

5 Tablespoon Rice Flour

1 teaspoon Falooda Powder (Agar-Agar)

1/4 Cup Ground Almond (Almond Flour)

4 Tablespoon Rose Syrup

2-3 drops Rose food colouring

1 teaspoon Elachie Powder (Cardamom)

2 Tablespoon Rose Water

1/2 Cup Dessert Cream

1 Can Condensed milk (OR to Sweeten)


~ Gently Heat Milk in a large enough saucepan

~ Make a slurry of the Rice Flour + Falooda Powder with 1/4 -1/3 Cup water

~ When the milk has warmed through, add in the rice flour slurry, and whisk well.

~ Follow by adding in the Ground Almonds (Almond Flour) + The Rose syrup and Rose colouring + Elachie Powder + 1 Tablespoon Rose Water.

~ Whisk well, and as the phirni begins to thicken, Add in the Dessert cream and sweeten with Condensed milk.

~ Allow the phirni to gently boil until thick, and lastly add in the remaining 1 Tablespoon of Rose Water, and whisk well.

~ Let Phirni cool for 5 minutes, before Pouring into individual serving dishes, or 1 large serving casserole.

~ Refrigerate Phirni, best enjoyed served well chilled.

~ To serve: Drizzle on dessert cream and garnish with a scatter of Chopped Almonds or Pistachios.

Notes By Foodeva Marsay

> The consistency of Phirni is more like a thick Custard, And NOT a ‘set’ pudding.

> You can opt for any other colouring, light green is also very popular, for this dessert, within the South African Indian Community.

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Deluxe Rose and Almond Phirni is ready to be served

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