Rasso or Rasam aka King Soup

Rasso or King Soup is a simple and tangy broth type of soup, that is jammed packed with a few healing ingredients.  Perfect for flu/colds season or anytime of the year.

A firm Family favourite in my home, Rasso has been made for generations in my family, most especially during the winter months.  I recently made some of this soup/broth, and was instantly transported back to youthful days, as I sat reminiscing the aromas and taste of Rasso, when my late grans and late Mummy used to prepare it.  My late abba, swore by this nutrient rich broth, that it was the only soup that healed him quicker when he came down with a cold.  With the current pandemic still in the midst of us, and South Africa now experiencing it’s 3rd wave of the Covid-19 virus, This recipe  is most definitely something you too should try.

Rasam (Rasso/King Soup), has it’s origins in South India.  If you have travelled there, you would most likely be served a rasam (thin water soup/both) along with your meal.  The name Rasam, SEEMS to have been derived from the word ‘RAS’ which is typically means JUICE.  And that is exactly what Rasso is, a thin broth that can be easily sipped on or enjoyed along with your meal.

How does Rasso (Rasam/King Soup) benefit you, you may ask. Made from basic whole spices and vegetables that have been known to provide super health benefits and can ward off many cold/flu symptoms, which is probably why  it’s aptly  named ‘King Soup’. Rasso(Rasam) is made up using spices like Black Pepper, Cumin Seeds and Mustard Seeds, together with onions, tamarind, Red Chilli and turmeric.  I also use Mint leaves, which I blend with the tamarind water (See Recipe Notes).  All of these mentioned ingredients impart healing benefits to a cold or flu, by relieving nasal and chest congestion.  King Soup ingredients benefits digestion, some claim it great for weight loss, and also relieves constipation.

There are a few ways to make Rasso, with versions that add in tomatoes, or ground Lentils to the spices.  You can also add in vegetables if you prefer, but having this Soup as simple as shared here, makes for it to be easily sipped when you down with a flu/cold.

Let’s get you started with this KING OF SOUPS, all you need are the ingredients and just 15 minutes tops before you can enjoy this warming and healing broth.

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

LOVE, Marriam 


*Marsay Family Favourite:
(Recipe kindly shared by Late Fatheema Essa -Watalotwegot )

50g king soup mix (roasted and ground Spices- see below)
5 cloves garlic cleaned and  sliced or mashed if you don’t like slices
+/- 4 dried red chillies
Half an onion sliced/chopped
1 cup tamarind water (*1 Tablespoon Tamarind pulp in 1 Cup water)
Salt to season
1 and Half Litres boiled water
(1- 1.5 litre)
~ Heat 3 Tablespoon oil and add the ground masala (king soup spice mix)
~ to this add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, onions, garlic and chillies.
~ Braise for about two minutes making sure it doesn’t get burnt.
~ Add tamarind water, stir well, and then add the rest of the water and salt.  Let the soup come to boil for 15 minutes.
~ Garnish with dhania.
~ Best enjoyed served hot.


*For King Soup Spice mix*
You could buy it from a spice shop or you can make your own
100g whole jeero (cumin seeds)
50g mustard seeds
50g whole blackpepper
*Dry Roast all ingredients, in a pan, and grind to a fine powder*
*Notes by Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)*

~ The colour of your Rasso may differ, depending on the type of Tamarind you use. Will be darker if Black/Red and lighter if Brown tamarind type is used.
~ Add a handful of mint leaves to the tamarind water and blend, before using as in recipe. (I use Mint)
~ You can blend the garlic in the tamarind water as well, if you don’t like whole garlic.
~ I used a mini grater/zester to grate in the garlic.
~ This Soup/Broth is meant to be spicy, but you can adjust the amount of dry red chillies, garlic and dry spice mix you use. ( I use 1½ Tablespoon spice)
~ Add in a grated tomato if you prefer (optional), or add few tablespoons of ground lentil or vegetables (optional)
~ You may also blend/strain the soup, if you prefer a smoother end result. .
(Please do Remember my Late sister-in-law Fatheema Essa, in duas/prayers)
*Kindly share as posted*

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Spicy and Tangy Rasso/King Soup/Rasam is ready to be enjoyed.


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