Creamy Breakfast Oats

Creamy Breakfast Oats, is an amazingly satisfying breakfast, that helps keep you fuller for longer and tastes delicious.

So it’s been a while I’ve been meaning to get this family favourite, creamy breakfast oats, recipe archived into my blogosphere, and what better time than right now.  With Muslims around the World well into the 1st week of Ramadaan, this makes for an fantastic Sehri/Suhoor option.  There are many other ways to enjoy oats, but this here, is how the elder females in my family have been doing it.  Don’t you just LOVE recipes that stand the test of time.  Now many generations down, this creamy breakfast oats, is still the only way we enjoy oats in the morning.  South Africa is in the middle of Autumn season, and the days, especially the mornings, have turned a wee bit chilly and frosty in my part of the country.  This warm porridge, certainly does the trick to warm us up at sehri/suhoor and helps keep us feeling fuller for longer. ALHAMDULILLAH!

With just a few ingredients, you too can quickly whip this up for your loved ones.

Happy ‘Creamy Breakfast Oats’ Making Lovelies

Love Marriam

Creamy Breakfast Oats

Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)
A creamy, delicious and satisfying breakfast option, for all year round.
Course Breakfast
Servings 5


  • stove or gas burner
  • 1 medium sized pot or saucepan


  • 1 Litre Milk (Fresh Milk or Long Life Milk)
  • 4-5 Tablespoon Sugar (Or Alternative Sweetners, as desired)
  • 1-2 Good Pinch of Salt
  • 1 Cup Rolled Oats (Wholegrain Rolled Oats used here)
  • Dusting Cinnamon Powder (optional)


  • To a Bowl, Add the Oats, and top with enough water just to cover. Allow to soak for about 5 minutes, until most of the water is absorbed by the oats, and it is softer. Strain away any excess water.
  • While the Oats soak, Add the Milk to a pot or saucepan.
    Also add in the Sugar and Salt. Allow the milk to warm up on a medium heat setting.
  • When the milk is warmed, Add in the Soaked Oats, stir well, and allow to gently cook on medium to low heat.
  • Keep stirring at intervals, and the oats will thicken up into a creamy consistency.
  • Add More dry oats, IF, you feel the porridge is not thickening enough.
  • Serve hot, with a dusting of cinnamon powder, or simply enjoy without any added cinnamon spice.


~ This Creamy Breakfast Oats can be made ahead, and refrigerated. 
~ The servings could be anything between 4-6 people, depending on the serving bowl size.
~ When this porridge is refrigerated, it will thicken up considerably.  BUT, it is easily thinned down to preferred consistency, by adding a little splash of milk when reheating.
~ Try adding Peanut Butter to your bowl of oats, it's so moreish! 
~ Want to try another delicious hot porridge, then give this Tasty Creamy Sojee Porridge a try:
~ If you want an overnight version, then this Creamy Swiss Muesli can be substituted with oats :
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