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Easy and Creative Idea to Jazz up a "DATE" ?

My, Oh My, doesn’t time just whizz by.  My very 1st post for 2016?, Here’s wishing all my lovelies a Prosperous and Blessed year ahead?.

While I had ended 2015 and started 2016 with a healthy dose of Vitamin SEA?, and with the last bit of Jet-Lag wearing off as I blog, I reflect back on the year that was.  Many ups, For which I am truly grateful for and a Major down being  the  loss of my Mum (can’t believe it’s already seven months- I still miss her tremendously). 

I hate making New Year Resolutions as I have discovered it only lasts for the 1st week??.  So if you are one of those head strong “New Year Resolution” kinda person, hats off to you.

So with New Beginnings  or Happy News, it is customary in many Homes to “Sweeten The Mouths” (maybe it is more a Muslim/Indian tradition?), let me know if this is customary in your homes, I thought I should share this DIY IDEA on how to Jazz up a Date…(NO not the type of Date you thinking of?), but rather the Fruit of a Date Palm.

In Many Muslim homes, the World over, you would almost always find Dates. Here in Bahrain we are blessed to have so many varieties and trees laden with fruit part of the year.


There are a lot of health benefits to enjoy these blessed little gems, take a look at this information?.

But long before scientific research had come along, Dates have been mentioned in the Holy Quran, stating their Benefits. I found this particular article rather informative.

Unfortunately no recipes to be found here today, a brief idea on how I go about adding more uniqueness to this already super fruit.

DIY to Jazz up a Date

You will need:
* Good quality Dates , not the dried pressed one, But plump fresh ones. Any variety that you prefer. (See pic at bottom for types of dates available)
* Any assortment of Nuts (I used Walnuts/Cashews/Pistachio and Almonds)
* additional (optional) ingredients like shredded Coconut, melted Chocolate, Pieces of Turkish Delight or Aniseed.

How to:
~ chop up nuts according to preference, I cut the Walnuts and Cashews into halves, and the Pistachio I chopped up finely.
~ make a slit vertically down the length of the date, leaving the ends intact.
~ Remove the seed carefully and discard.
~ now simply add in the nuts, I didn’t mix all the nuts together in one date, but made a variety separately.
~ Some I dipped into white melted Chocolate and then dipped into shredded Coconut.
~ Store in a sealed container, in a cool dry place.
~I have made Aniseed ones before,(unfortunately I had not clicked a pic of those?), simply roll date into Aniseed, adds a delectable liquorice flavour?

?Foodeva Marsay ?


The different variety of Dates available these days.

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