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Pappa Roti – Review

At 1st glance it may come across as a regular, same old boring brown bun…But with the 1st bite all your doubts would be put to rest.

It is the most softest, featherlight bun on the inside with a Crispy coffee caramel topping.

You can add any additional topping to the buns, like a toffee sauce/Strawberry Sauce or a Cheese Sauce and you can also opt for adding on extras likes nuts.

So here is my review on this particular brand…. I do know Pappa Roti is now trading in South Africa, and this post is to help my readers make a choice to hopefully go try out this coffee house/cafe; if you haven’t already?

Did You Know…

Pappa Roti means Father of all Buns… and, 
The woman behind the bun is a beautiful Emirati named Rasha Al Danhani, who is the master franchiser for Middle East. She has since become the master franchiser for North Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States – the countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. ?

I had visited 2 of this particular Franchise here in Bahrain,
1) Bahrain City Centre Mall
2) Seef Mall Bahrain.

Both were very smart with darkwood furnishings, with a chic and relaxed atmosphere.

 Prompt service from friendly staff.

Foodeva Marsay Rating
????? (out of 5)

Team this snack with your favourite coffee/ tea/cooler their drink options, a definite winner in my eyes.

My favourite…
I love the combo of sweet and salty, so without a doubt my choice is always with the cheese topping?.


A Cheese Topped bun for me teamed up with a Cafè Latte , while Imran Enjoyed a macchiato with his Toffee Sauce topped Bun.

Disclaimer….this is NOT a PAID for post, It is just my review of a food establishment I enjoy?

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2 thoughts on “Pappa Roti – Review”

  1. I also love these lovely buns. The aroma in any mall when we near these outlets are the best. I am now craving for one dear. Good to get reminded of little things. ? Am not a coffee person but I love the coffee flavored one, they are the best.

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