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Chilli and Garlic Relish – Foodeva Marsays’ ‘Calistos Version’

So just last weekend, Things had been Heating up on the Bahrain International Circuit, with Formula 1 Grand-Prix fever.  A few days I will never forget.  I am not a huge speed/car junkie, but do tend to stop and admire a good car every now and then.  Being both Imran and My first time at such a race, has left us Mind-Blown. The exiliration from watching these super cars perform live, is something that you have to experience at least once in your life.  Grandprix racing has most definitely taken a tiny spot in my heart, and I will from now on be viewing those races on TV with totally new eyes.

So while the drivers at the race eagerly watched the RED and GREEN lights above the start point, Back home in my kitchen in Bahrain, Habibi (As I now tend to affectionately call Imran), And I, had been seeing red and green as well and with a bit of a comeptition going on.  Hey some Healthy competition is always a good thing in a marriage right??  Our kitchen competition entailed the use of RED and GREEN CHILLI PEPPERS.  After finally settling on who gets to use how many of the Chillies, we each got down to making our own little relishes to enjoy with our meals.  You can find out what my Habibi made with his batch of Chillies HERE.

No WINNER in my kitchen this time, both the relishes are equally delicious ??.

Now let me share with you my Relish.  This one is definitely for your recipe books lovelies, I have been attempting to replicate a relish we enjoy at a Portuguese restaurant back home in South Africa, called Calistos (I’m sure many of my Johannesburg lovelies would have enjoyed a meal here at some time?).  Now finally being satisfied with my  back and forth recipe experiments, I can confidently say this is a VERY CLOSE match-up to that relish.  This can be Enjoyed served with fresh warm breads, or as a relish on the side to add a kick to your meals.

Add some Heat to your Meals with this Chillie Relish

Add some Heat to your Meals with this Chillie Relish


Chilli and Garlic Relish - Foodeva Marsays' 'Calistos' Version

  • Servings: 3/4 Cup - 1 cup
  • Difficulty: easy
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Author : Foodeva Marsay

( @foodeva_marsay)


2-3 Cloves of Garlic

3 Pickle Onions OR Half a small Red Onion

1 Cup chopped Red and Green Chillies

1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil

1/4 Teaspoon of Salt (or to taste)

2 Good pinches of Sugar

2 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

1/4 Teaspoon Tomato Paste (Store Bought variety, not fresh tomato)

+ additional 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil


✅ Add the whole Chillies and Garlic to a Food Processor and roughly chop using a Chopping attachment.

✅ Finely slice the Onions.

✅ Heat Oil in a saucepan, on a medium heat setting and add Onions, Sauté this until transparent but not brown.

✅ When onions are soft, add in the chopped chillies and garlic.

✅ Follow by adding the salt, sugar and lemon juice.

✅ Cook this on a medium to low heat setting, until all the water evaporates.

✅ Now add in the tomato paste and mix through well.

✅ Finally add in the additional oil, Just enough to cover the surface of the chillies relish. remove the saucepan off the stove, cool and bottle and store.



? The chilli pepper I have used were not of a very fiery heat, but mild, you can use any types of chilli you and your family prefer.

? Add more Red Chillies as compared to the Green Ones, as this is where the colour comes through in the oil, from the red chillies and the tomato paste, no other spices were used.

? You can remove some of the seeds from chillies to make it less fiery.

? Add salt to your taste, you may not need amounts stated above.

? This relish can be stored at room temperature, or refrigerated, but remove well before serving and bring back to room temperature.



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