How To Prepare Coloured Almonds – DIY for Beginners

Coloured Almonds, need not be a hassle, even if you are doing it for the 1st time.  Here is my DIY tutorial for Beginners, to help you better grasp this technique, that will always ensure you have a batch of coloured almonds at the ready to be used.

It is That time of the year, as many a Muslim Home sadly begin to bid the Holy month of Ramadaan Farewell.  With just a few more days left until the end of Ramadaan, and with many trying to seek the blessings from the last ten days, women are also busy multi-tasking as you read this post.  Homes are abuzz with preparations for Eid-ul-Fitr, and for 1st time bakers/cooks, some of the preps can seem very daunting.

To help make this a little bit more bearable, I have done a Step by Step tutorial on “How to Prepare Coloured Almonds”, A one basic ingredient that is widely used to decorate many a dish.  Be it the Divinely Yummy Sweetmeats , Or the Beautifully Baked Cakes, even the Delicious Sweet Treats like Sojee/Halwa, all seem so incomplete, without a scatter of brightly coloured almonds, when served.  So here is my way of preparing this, and now you too can always have a small batch at hand, just for when you may need it?.


How To Prepare Coloured Almonds - DIY for Beginners

Author: Foodeva Marsay (@foodeva_marsay)

IF you are using Whole Almonds, BLANCH THEM IN BOILING WATER, until almond skins can peel off easily. AND NOW EITHER FLAKE, SLIVER or NIB THEM, INTO WHAT YOU REQUIRE.

I make use of store bought SLIVERED/NIBBED AND OR FLAKED ALMONDS, and this is how I go about prepping them to be used on SWEETMEATS/BAKING/DESSERTS.

* Divide the almonds into equal parts depending on how many colours you would like to tint them in. Add a few drops of liquid food colouring to one batch at a time, and mix in the colours well until almonds are properly coated. (Note if you are using your hands to colour, then wash them before applying another colour to the next batch. Same applies for if you are using gloves.)

Step 1

* Preheat Oven to 100 degree Celsius, now lay out each coloured batch of almonds next to each other on an oven tray. Don’t let the almonds mix at this stage, as the colours will still be wet.

Step 2

* Place the Tray of almonds into the oven, on the middle shelf.

Step 3


* After 5 minutes in oven, remove the tray of coloured almonds, and carefully loosen and mix all the coloured almonds together. At this stage the almond would be drier, so there is no worry of the colours mixing. Return the tray of almonds back into the oven for a further +/- 10 minutes. This allows for further drying and crisping up of the almonds.

Step 4

* Remove the tray of almonds from the oven and allow to cool properly. You can now store these coloured almonds into airtight containers or a glass jar. These keep very well in the fridge for months on end.

Step 5

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