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A Forlorn Little Spotty – A Moment In Time

Today’s Throwback Thursday makes me remember this cute little leopard we came across during a Sunset Safari drive in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.


This was taken within the Shishangeni Concession in the South End of Kruger National Park.  At the moment of this photographic capture (August 2015) , this little bundle of fur was just about 4 months old.  Sad part was that apparently, according to our well trained field/safari guides , they have been seeing it wandering alone for the last week by then.  They presume the Mom had abandoned this one, after losing a couple others from the same litter, to most probably, other predators.

Sad as it may be, this is the vicious Circle of Life in an African Bush. I do hope this little fellow made it through and is a lot stronger now to fend for itself. Here is one last look at him on that afternoon, as the sun dipped further down the  horizon, he got up and warily walked about for a bit, before we too had to drive off leaving the little leopard behind??.


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      1. I too, have a big heart. I love animals, and it saddens me when they are so alone without their family. If I cuddled that little one, I would not have been able to let go.

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