Large Cooler Bag by Bespoke Gifts – Product Review

Looking for a gifting idea, that can can be used across the spectrum? Be it a personal gift for a loved one, or a corporate gifting for your amazing staff… then you need not look further than this Cooler Bag and Bespoke Gifts.

BESPOKE GIFTS is a South African ONLINE GIFTING STORE specialising in personalised cooler-bags. They have a selection of exceptional quality cooler bags that make the perfect personalised gift.

So Late Last year, I had the honour of receiving one of these Amazing Cooler-Bags from the team at Bespoke Gifts. The Moment I laid eyes on it, I was in LOVE. I have since been able to rigorously do some Product tests on this cooler-bag.

Now living in South Africa, we are blessed with fantastic weather most of the year. Brilliant Blue Skies and Golden Rays of Sunshine, so nudges us into enjoying the outdoors. However, as idyllic as this may seem, the African Sun and it’s Vast Terrains, is not for the faint hearted. I have decided, to put this Large Cooler-Bag from Bespoke Gifts, to it’s ultimate test. Taking it on the roads of South Africa, in fact, on both occasions my cooler-bag, had faired awesomely well.

We LOVE visiting the beach during our summer holidays. It’s the perfect time to unwind with family and friends, while enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, in Durban. This time, I packed in all my refreshments I needed for a day on the Beach, into my Large Personalised Cooler Bag. Beach picnics just got STYLISH, and I had all eyes on this smart looking cooler-bag.

Large Cooler Bag

The Large Cooler Bag is a soft touch bag, made with the highest quality materials. The inner is lined perfectly with a high quality, insulated foil liner. It has Handles that are secured onto the side of the bag, and meet at the top, with a velcro padded grip, for easier handling with both handles secured as one. Knowing the mission of getting sea sand out of stuff, I then deliberately, left my cooler bag on the sea sand. I was pleasantly overjoyed, when I got back home, and cleaning was a BREEZE. It is very easy to clean, I simply dusted of any sand that clung to the outside, and gave the inner a wipe down with a soapy, damp cloth.

Large Coole Bag from Bespoke Gifts… At The Beach

My refreshments; drinks, fruits and nibbles, stayed fresh and cool, for a good 6-8 hours, I used Hard Plastic covered Ice Blocks, to help create a cooler environment within. I now also love taking my ‘new favourite’ Cooler-Bag on long road trips, and recently, It also made it’s way on my backseat in the car, to KRUGER NATIONAL PARK. For those in the know, the African Bush is a harsh environment, with the Blazing sun and Summer months experiencing the highest temperatures for the region. Well, I am pleased to announce, the Bespoke Gifts Cooler Bag, survived its first outing to the bush. It was easy to pack into the back seat, with refreshments that helped sustain us on our daily explorations. I’ve even had a flask of hot coffee and refreshments packed, together with breakfast goodies, and never used any ice blocks this time, and they all remained perfectly enjoyable, as was packed.

Bespoke Gifts, Large Cooler Bag…At Kruger National Park

The Large Personalised Cooler Bag has the following Dimensions:  
Height = 32cm, Width = 21cm, Length = 39cm . It does retail with Bespoke Gifts at R180, Excluding Courier.

The different range of Cooler Bags from Bespoke Gifts are all in Black, for now, and the team can personalise the bags to your specifications, or with a company logo. Delivery of these are Approximately 6 weeks from order date. These make a perfect gift for upcoming holidays, so don’t delay, be it an EID , DIWALI or CHRISTMAS GIFTING you are looking for, or just something to spoil your loved ones with. I have already placed my EID orders with the amazing team at Bespoke Gifts, who are in constant communication with their clients regarding their orders and purchases. Most importantly, is that this is an all round, “PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN” product and small home business, that resonates with me.

To find out more about Bespoke Gifts, and their range of cooler-bags available, do head on over to any of their following platforms.

INSTAGRAM : @bespoke_gift 
FACEBOOK : bespoke gifts

Or contact them at:
☏ call or WhatsApp +27 83 786 3027

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