Is it #MOANDAY already???

This is How my week goes, Monday……..Tuesday…….Wednesday…….Thursday……..Friday,Saturday,Sunday, like where does the weekend fly too??? And before I,more like most of us, know it,it’s Moanday,ooops I mean Monday, again X_X

Like Seriously????MONDAY AGAIN!

Like Seriously????MONDAY AGAIN!

Yeah we got to admit it, most of us do feel like Grumpy Cats on a Monday Morning, wishing it were the weekend again already.


The onset of a new working week, with tons of stuff that needs your attention, just adds to the burden of facing these challenges every week. But have we ever STOPPED and realized that how we react to situations, always adds to our misery? Like Mondays, we always tend to start the day and week, with a sad, already negative feeling, which leaves us in a bad mood,thus spreading that “feeling” onto others we meet that day. WHAT IF…we change that?, don’t let all these negative pics floating about the web, rule the way u feel on a Monday, maybe turn to positive thoughts to help us better enjoy what the week has planned for us.


Let strive to make someone else happy today, give out positive vibe, as these do tend to bring happiness into your own day. Here’s hoping that I and all of you reading this have positive energies to kickstart a Beautiful Week:-)


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  1. So true. We shud start oour week with a positive attitude den out whole week will have a positive outcome

  2. So true! I feel a lil energised reading this…. Sadly tho I read it half way thru d day…. But like u say, half full rather than half empty right????

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